Sweet little Valentine here passed away earlier this year and was much beloved by her owner. 14 x 18″ in oils on stretched canvas.IMG_7572original image:



Trying something new…

Other Animals

So I’m going to try my hand at acrylics. Here’s my drawing idea, done with pen and some smudgy stuff I tried to fix since the antlers were way off:


Then I got out my Wacom tablet, scanned it and made some adjustments. I was pretty skeptical of digital painting, but I think I’m hooked now. This is a rough knock-together layout…


I love that I can test out different compositions, tones and layouts so easily! And fixing the moose’s antlers was a breeze… I think I’ll finish him up digitally tonight and then try my hand at painting it. I learned to paint happy little creatures from my mother, Chris Haughey (check out her awesome blog here ») and want to try my hand at it. 🙂