About me

By day a marketing and design professional, I have a background in Fine Art as well as Digital Design from the University of Cincinnati’s DAAP program. With so much digital media going on in my daytime life, I like to treat painting as a fun hobby instead of a job and have found a lot of satisfaction in that!

I love painting animals and watching them come to life on the canvas, and I treasure the look on a proud pet parent’s face when they see their beloved animals captured in oils.


Snitzels? Well, let me explain…

In 1869, the Kropp family emmigrated from Neunkirchen, Germany and landed in my hometown of Springfield, Ohio. In the 1850s the Maurers emmigrated from Gross Ellenbach, Germany and also landed in Springfield, Ohio. Across the world and across time, they blended with the Irish Haughey family, who fought in the American Revolution, earning their land rights in Ohio in the 18th century and continued working and living here up to the present day. From this distinguished blend of Irish and German, I came from Springfield, Ohio. My family has worked so hard and became the epitome of the American Dream and I couldn’t be more proud of them all!

My grandfather, Edward Haughey, fought in World War 2, a true hero braving the first waves of attacks on D-Day on the beaches at Normandy and freeing the inmates of the concentration camps. My father, John K. Haughey, is an accomplished craftsman, diver, boatsman, mechanic, woodworker, storyteller, businessman and our very favorite man in the world! My mother, Chris (Maurer) Haughey, is an incredibly talented artist, designer and business-owner who taught me to paint and how to turn dreams into reality.

From them, I learned to work, to dream, and to pursue my ambitions no matter what. But growing up, WOW I could make a mess and a half! And that’s where those German roots came out… I’d have pieces of glitter, paper, scraps of fabric, bits of sequins scattered across the floor in my endeavors to make something beautiful. I made such a hurricane of creation that my mother would exclaim “Look at all these snitzels!” meaning to clean up the bits in short order. I heard the direction to clean up my “snitzels” so often that I now always associate that term with my favorite type of clutter and creative chaos!

So, that’s a fraction of our history and the story of the Snitzels…


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